Welcome to ELKA Industries, Inc. - we have been in business since 1962 in Ontario, Canada.


We’re the creators of the brand JAG PLUMBING PRODUCTS - another solution in a long history of providing economical solutions for the plumbing industry.

In the 1960's, ELKA Industries began plastic injection molding hardware-related items where metal components were more commonly used.  As the markets expanded and more reliable plastics were engineered, the early founders of ELKA introduced the concept of plastic components to toilet manufacturers.  At the time, this industry mostly used brass and zinc in its flushing components.  ELKA illustrated that plastic offered a less expensive, more dependable material to manufacture control valves, flush valves and trip levers for the conventional gravity flush toilets.  From this platform, ELKA Industries flourished - becoming the chief supplier of components for all major toilet manufacturers in North America.

As the decades passed, the team at ELKA developed close contacts with all aspects of the plumbing repair parts industry. With our central location in Ontario, Canada we were perfectly suited to act as distributor for many established and emergent brands - and we soon became the exclusive distributor of products for Canada and North American Markets - selling re-packaged components as well as finished goods to the Wholesale Industry. (See our Distributing Page)

As our experience with plumbing repair parts matured, and as the world of on line shopping developed, we found a new customer base in on-line retail stores.  To best serve this emergent industry, we developed our private label brand of unique repair parts: JAG PLUMBING PRODUCTS.

The JAG PLUMBING PRODUCTS brand has developed to over 800 unique repair parts for residential and commercial plumbing projects. All of the JAG PLUMBING brand products are held to the highest standards, are CUPC and CSA approved and come with a 5 year warranty from date of purchase against any manufacturing defects.

With such a wide scope of customers, ELKA Industries is an expert in service efficiencies:

- our PRODUCTS team is constantly sourcing, designing and manufacturing the highest quality products to repair all North American plumbing brands, makes and models; our specialty is in hard-to-find and unique repair parts.

- our SALES teams are able to support the entire range of inquiries: from large wholesalers with multi product toilet and parts program orders, to smaller wholesalers with individual parts requirements, right down to special requests for hard to locate and unknown repair parts.

- our SHIPPING Teams can pack from containers and truckloads to skids and cases, right down to direct drop shipping for on-line retailers

- and our CUSTOMER SERVICE team is on line and available for inquiries from National Wholesalers right up to the home owner end user inquiry in English, French, Italian and Spanish

As a conduit for so many purchasing outlets, other plumbing manufacturers have partnered with ELKA and the JAG PLUMBING brand to act as their trusted distributor of OEM repair parts across North America - Please visit the DISTRIBUTION PAGE for more details.

We thank you for your trust in ELKA and the JAG PLUMBING PRODUCTS Brand and welcome your inquiries!

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